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Hybrid workspace & talent management

Best solution for accommodating and managing your team’s members and managing yours and leased workspaces and home offices.

Your employees work partially from home, some days a week in the office, some remote, others travel. You put a lot of effort into managing your hybrid teams and their workspaces (meeting rooms, offices, desks, parking). Your offices are often empty and soulless. Sounds familiar? This is a new reality.

  • managing dispersed teams working remote, at home, week in – week out, outsourced colleagues, traveling
  • dealing with too much administration, lots of reimbursements, manual handling arrangements
  • unclear reports, manual daily, weekly, monthly plannings, no ground for strategic decision making
  • at times empty offices and lack of company’s identity
  • constant in danger of breaching remote office legal compliance companies and hardships with transparency
  • employees satisfaction rate and lack of flexibility

Have a complete overview of where your employees work with real time data. See how your spaces are utilized. Handle all space related costs in one place. Save your money by optimizing the number of work spaces. Grow your team in a day, decrease your team in a day, completely flexible with digital dashboards and foresights at any given moment. 

  • complete overview of all employees work locations in one ecosystem
  • easy budget management
  • combine hybrid work with home office, office, HQ and random locations
  • attract more talent
  • maintain company culture while enabling flexible working
  • data driven decision-making
  • external team management
  • option to sublease
  • lower lease costs
  • access to marketplace of different business spaces (flexible rent)
  • instant on-boarding at no extra costs
  • centralized cost management
  • team building and wellness incentives (gym, events)

One platform to manage your internal office spaces, meeting rooms, home offices from employees, random locations and rent on our marketplace when needed. Manage your entire hybrid work requirements in an all-in-one SaaS platform.

The rapid shift to widespread remote work is considered the ultimate test of digital transformation in the workplace. A new hybrid work model that is expected to be a new norm from 2021 on, brings lots of new dynamics and a need for digitization of hybrid work.

Success of the company is based on the talent that company employs. Attract them by offering them the flexibility needed in the new reality.

Join us and become the employer of the tomorrow

Client Experience


The customer experience is crucial in the online marketplace. And that is precisely why we have included a customer feedback tool. You can easily enable or disable it. It is integrated into the booking process with a customer satisfaction survey included in the confirmation email sent to the customer. You can easily configure survey results to trigger custom recipients based on rules. Ensuring you remain informed and connected with the customer experience will keep customers happy and increase repeat customers.

Client Experience

Web portal

Interested in only offering your own spaces? Then this is the best option for you. Web Portal is where you can log in and edit your company information, add and edit locations, track all the bookings made for your location(s), view reservation and payment status, or approve a first-time guest if desired. As the owner, you can view everything on the Web Portal.

Client Experience


If you want to offer spaces from different partners to multiple tenants or companies we offer a marketplace solution where you can start that immediately. Everything is covered through our platform: guest and host registration, add location wizard, booking management, billing, communication, notifications, and approvals. 

Space Management

Publishing and Notifications

Our publishing and notifications module allows flexible workspace providers to broadcast their meeting rooms to online platforms for extra exposure, increasing occupancy and brand awareness.

Space Management

Multi Location Support

Manage all of your locations in one place.

Space Management

Admin Console/Dashboard

All analytics data in one place so you can run your business with confidence. Make informed decisions, stay in control of your finances and spot opportunities for growth.

Space Management

Space Management

From inventory and guest management to dashboards and statistics, Opti.Space offers you powerful tools to drive efficiency and increase profitability while offering your customers more flexibility.

We understand that with shorter leases and tenant expectations for competitive rates you must be efficient at every step in the process. Opti.Space digital solutions offer a complete package to drive success in this challenging landscape.

Flex Digital Management

Contracts in seconds

Contracts are approved online in seconds.

Flex Digital Management

Guest Management

Send notifications to members when mail, deliveries, or guests arrive.