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Become a host

Earn money with your therapy room and cover not only rent but also make profit. Want to see how this is possible?

How hosting works?

Choose your requirements

Set your own rules like how many people can use the place simultaneously and for how long – per hour or day, set minimal hours in block. Set house rules people must follow when using your space.

Decide when to share you space

Block off dates and hours on your calendar whenever you like. There’s no minimum time that your place needs to be available.

Set your own prices

What you charge is up to you. We advise you to set a competitive pricing since our experience have shown that a little lower prices brings much higher profits since more people start to use your space.

Approve and meet your guest

We know one of the top concerns on your mind is who will use my space. We enable you to approve each guest if you want even each single reservation. We have set up a process in a way that once you get your first reservation inquiry from a new guest you can arrange to meet in person via our messaging feature. Once you meet, guests sees the place and you get to know the guest you can start sharing the space. Typically our guests become your regular customers and share the space more long term.

Enjoy the automation tools

Thinking about administrative work this could bring? Don’t worry we have it covered. We have automated notifications, calendar, cancellations, payments, inquiries, messaging, syncing all data between all users of a space, billing is also managed automatically, either monthly or immediately, therefore customers don’t have to manually prepare billing for every time they use the flexible therapy space.

How to start?

All you have to do is create a profile of your therapy room, write a detailed description, and some general information (how to access it, where to get the key…), upload attractive photographs of your space, and decide on a competitive price. After that, your only duty is to share the available dates and hours. 

Want to know more or have additional questions? Write to us:

Ready to become a host and start earning money?

Just click here and wizard will guide you through the process in few simple steps.

“The Opti.Space platform has enabled us to make optimal use of our space by offering it to other therapists. This way we can cover entire costs we have with the business space and bring us additional income. With the existing reservation system, space can be rented out quickly and easily as users book the desired date themselves when registering in the system.”

Mirjana, therapy room provider
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Sharing your therapy room can save your business

In times of great uncertainty, we are facing challenges on a daily basis. The novel coronavirus has turned our lives upside down basically overnight. As a society, we had to adapt to the new normal and the whole situation has had a negative impact on businesses all over the world.

Most companies were forced to change their business practices and implement massive organisational changes. We limited in-person meetings and all of a sudden video meetings have become an essential part of work. Despite the fact that this method of communication has quite a few advantages, there are many professions that cannot fully perform their services in the virtual world. Lots of therapists, healers, masseurs, and counselors still need a safe space to work.

The chaotic situation we found ourselves in has caused fear among many people. As a result, there is less demand for therapeutic services, which greatly jeopardizes the liquidity of companies. Many opt for drastic steps, such as closing their premises. On one hand, decisions like that are understandable, but in most cases unnecessary.

There is a wonderful and practical solution that will delight everyone who wants to continue to use their therapeutic space, ensure business growth, and get rid of financial problems.


Video conferencing is a great choice for meeting purposes. We save time, money, and also reduce our carbon footprint. However, if we are dealing with alternative medicine, massage therapy, or healing services, personal contact is indispensable. The same goes for psychotherapy and counseling, as we all know that the key to good results is gaining your client’s trust. This has proven to be easier to do live than through the screen, so it’s really important that we still see customers in person.


Instead of working just to pay your rent and cover your overheads, rent out your well-being space. Let the room earn money for you. Offer available space to other therapists when you’re not using it. You can rent out your therapy room for a short period of time (a few hours, a day, or a week) or dedicate them entirely to others. The decision is all yours.

We recommend that you meet up with new clients in your therapy room and have your online meetings with clients that you already have a great relationship with. If that’s possible, of course. This way you will help the customer with your service and generate revenue both through your own work and by renting out your therapy room.


Finding verified and trusted customers is a time-consuming process. You can spend a lot of time organising and planning appointments, which takes away the focus you would otherwise spend on your business. Fortunately, you do not have to do this as we offer a very simple, efficient, and affordable solution. Opti.Space is a digital platform that gives you access to customers looking for space for occasional use.

More than 70+ companies already trust us, as our system is state-of-the-art and provides an excellent user experience. The platform has automated (co) use of premises. We’ve included all the important features you’ll need: calendar, room availability, reservations and cancellations, communication, and billing. You will have control over everything and management will take you very little time.

All you have to do is provide an attractive and accurate description of your therapy space, a competitive price, beautiful photos, and available times and dates. In a few minutes, your space will be available to customers, and soon you will connect with a group of therapists and counselors willing to practice shared use of space with you.

For more information, visit our website and become part of our community.

Just remember, that a global crisis doesn’t have to impact your business and finances.

You can still run your business, look for new customers, and grow. With the help of the platform, the path to greater success and financial stability will be significantly easier.

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Make the most out of empty spaces and offices with renting out

When you hear the words »rent out« and »space sharing«, you probably think of coworking spaces, where freelancer can rent offices or spaces. Probably you think that those have to be some special kind of spaces that are being rented out.

Exactly now is the time where flexibility has become even more important, companies and entrepreneurs have to change the way they think and adapt tu the current circumstances.

Maybe also your business is greatly affected by the current crisis and you have to find a way not to let your offices and spaces stand empty. It might be that many of your employees are working from home which means that a lot of spaces and offices, which have been previously used on a daily basis, are now empty. But the costs for rent or maintanance remain. What could one do to bring those spaces alive again and to make sure the costs are covered, or even making profit? 
There are many experts whose work relies on one on one sessions, like therapists, coaches or consultants. They are working remotely online now, but they will want to return to those individual sessions as soon as the situation improves. Because a part of their work will still be done online, they will not want to commit and rent or purchase whole offices or therapy rooms. The idea of space sharing therefore gains a lot of sympathy, because you need to pay the space really only when you need and use it. This saves costs for the tenant and also enables the landlord a flexible renting strategy, where there is no need to commit to just one client, but instead the empty spaces can be utilized to the maximum with the help of space sharing.  
The offices and spaces, which are now not being used and which due to a modified work process organization might not be used as much as before in the future, can bring you quite some income. The important thing is that you need to think about the needs of your potential tenants and adapt your spaces to them. This means that if you want to successfully rent out your spaces and offices, you need to think about all the furniture and equipment that for example a therapist would need, or the atmosphere that would be needed for a cozy and pleasant session, without noise or other disruptions. 
Opti.Space enables flexibility to utilize your spaces to the maximum and still use them when you need them. Instead of renting your offices out to just one client, you can rent them out per hour or per week, which doesn’t bring you only additional income but also minimizes the potential loss of last minute cancellations. This way you can put your available office or space quickly online and enable last minute bookings. Opti.Space offers a simple renting out process and a perfectly maximized use of your offices and spaces.