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Put your offices to work – solution for the new hybrid work model

Are you struggling with empty office spaces? Is the demand from long term renters low? Enter the flexible, short term office market by managing your offices, vacancies, and reservations in all-in-one SaaS platform

Put your spaces on the path where demand is. Covid-19 has changed the way we work, communicate, and meet. The rapid shift to widespread remote work is considered the ultimate test of digital transformation in the workplace. A new hybrid work model that is expected to be a new norm in 2021 and the following years brings a lots of new dynamics and a need for digitization of sharing and renting office spaces.

We have digitized sharing and renting of different types of office spaces by the hour, day or month. Our solution covers from short term renting to space sharing hourly, daily, recurrently or monthly. It enables to either use a space and share it among many professionals or companies or lease it short term per month, few months or more. Opti.Space covers the whole spectrum of flexibility enabling you to stay competitive in these challenging times.


  • Booking system
  • Digitized short term renting and/or sharing
  • Secure payment transactions
  • Integrated communication with leads, customers, users
  • Lead conversion and approval workflow
  • Administrative console
  • Integrated customer feedback workflow
  • Your brand’s look and feel (white-label solution)
  • Appropriate for business space owners, landlords, companies with underutilized office spaces, …

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Navigating the new normal can be challenging. Join us and transform your portfolio of office spaces to the workplace of tomorrow.

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