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5 tips on how you can quickly turn your therapy room into a source of income

Do you have a therapy room that you’re not using regularly? Make it earn money for you!

In the last year, many businesses have moved their meetings online, and a lot of therapists are feeling stressed as the coronavirus pandemic decreased the demand for their services. As a result, therapy rooms are often empty, but fixed costs still have to be paid, which often leads to financial distress. Fortunately, there is a very effective solution to avoid these kinds of worries.

You can offer your therapy space to other therapists and counselors when you are not using it yourself. You can opt for an hour, a day, or a week.

Finding customers won’t waste a lot of valuable time if you use the Opti.Space platform. It provides an automated system that includes calendar, space availability, confirmations, cancellations, and other key information. In fact, Opti.Space removes the need to have to deal with the organizational and managerial processes, therefore you are able to focus on your business.


Renting out your therapy room can help you generate revenue very quickly, which can be confirmed by many of our clients. One of them experienced a breakthrough in the second month of co-sharing their well-being space, as they covered all costs and even made a profit. Since then, they generated a profit of 300 euros a month and the profit it getting bigger each month.

Why is sharing the room the best way to make profits?

For example, let’s look at a therapy room in Ljubljana, which the provider markets for € 260 a month.

If they rent it out for only 2 hours a day and charge € 7 per hour (which is a competitive price), they earn € 70 per week and € 280 per month.

If they rent out his space for 4 hours a day, the room is making them € 560 of income per month. In this calculation, we only considered working days, and we all know that therapies and counseling are also provided on weekends.

The advantage of sharing space is also the fact that if one customer cancels their hourly lease, you lose € 7, but if you rent to only one

subtenant for a whole month, you would risk losing a full month’s rent.

You too can experience such success, but first, you need to convince the customers that your well-being space is exactly what they need.

Here are some amazing tips:


You will definitely get more inquiries if you ensure them a tidy and beautiful therapy room. Make sure the furniture is clean and preserved. It should be evident that the furniture is intended for therapists and counselors. It is desirable that the therapy room contains a sofa or armchair with a table, cupboards, drawers, flowers, and a few nice elements, that will make the room even more attractive. With small changes and adorable details, you can create a beautiful and comfortable space that your tenants will enjoy. Also, you will have an advantage over others if the room includes a massage table, or at least offers enough space for it.


It is extremely important to use quality photos of your space, otherwise your customers will lose interest. Make sure that all the advantages of the room are visible in the photo. We suggest that you add a bouquet or a nice decoration to let your customers know that their opinion and comfort are important to you. We buy with our eyes; therefore, the photographs must be beautiful and realistic.


When describing your therapy room, be precise so that customers know exactly what it has to offer. Highlight its benefits and features and describe all the purposes for which it can be used. Include all the important information you think they need to know. Describe in detail how the customer can get to the therapy room location the quickest, which public transport they can use, and what are the parking options. Honesty will definitely be rewarded.


Price plays an extremely important role when it comes to renting out a therapy room. Explore the market and decide on a competitive price. If it is too high, you will immediately drive away from most customers. Let it be auspicious to fill most or even all vacancies in your therapy room and make a profit. If you set a lower price, you can generate high revenue. On the other hand, an empty room can’t work for you.


Make things easy for your customers. Write them simple instructions and make sure the keys and other necessary things are available whenever they need them. We suggest you make a new set of keys for customers. The cost of production can be borne by the customer, but it is very important that you inform them at the first meeting. Also, include this agreement in the contract for the use of space. However, you can also charge a deposit for the keys.

If customers have a good experience with no complications, it is likely they will return. We also recommend that you bill your regulars on a monthly basis.

Never underestimate authenticity and kindness. In a very short time, the whole process will become a simple routine.

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