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Hybrid workspace & talent management

Best solution for accommodating and managing your team’s members and managing yours and leased workspaces and home offices.

Your employees work partially from home, some days a week in the office, some remote, others travel. You put a lot of effort into managing your hybrid teams and their workspaces (meeting rooms, offices, desks, parking). Your offices are often empty and soulless. Sounds familiar? This is a new reality.

  • managing dispersed teams working remote, at home, week in – week out, outsourced colleagues, traveling
  • dealing with too much administration, lots of reimbursements, manual handling arrangements
  • unclear reports, manual daily, weekly, monthly plannings, no ground for strategic decision making
  • at times empty offices and lack of company’s identity
  • constant in danger of breaching remote office legal compliance companies and hardships with transparency
  • employees satisfaction rate and lack of flexibility

Have a complete overview of where your employees work with real time data. See how your spaces are utilized. Handle all space related costs in one place. Save your money by optimizing the number of work spaces. Grow your team in a day, decrease your team in a day, completely flexible with digital dashboards and foresights at any given moment. 

  • complete overview of all employees work locations in one ecosystem
  • easy budget management
  • combine hybrid work with home office, office, HQ and random locations
  • attract more talent
  • maintain company culture while enabling flexible working
  • data driven decision-making
  • external team management
  • option to sublease
  • lower lease costs
  • access to marketplace of different business spaces (flexible rent)
  • instant on-boarding at no extra costs
  • centralized cost management
  • team building and wellness incentives (gym, events)

One platform to manage your internal office spaces, meeting rooms, home offices from employees, random locations and rent on our marketplace when needed. Manage your entire hybrid work requirements in an all-in-one SaaS platform.

The rapid shift to widespread remote work is considered the ultimate test of digital transformation in the workplace. A new hybrid work model that is expected to be a new norm from 2021 on, brings lots of new dynamics and a need for digitization of hybrid work.

Success of the company is based on the talent that company employs. Attract them by offering them the flexibility needed in the new reality.

Join us and become the employer of the tomorrow

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Flexible office concept

Current situation makes flexibility of business spaces top priority. New hybrid work concept which combines working from home with working from office or meeting clients, coworkers face to face occasionally creates a need for more flexible offices and business spaces.

Working from home, meeting online has changed the need for full time ownership of office spaces. Opti.Space enables all type of companies and their employees to leverage and use business spaces in flexible way (hourly, daily or monthly).

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Put your offices to work – solution for the new hybrid work model

Are you struggling with empty office spaces? Is the demand from long term renters low? Enter the flexible, short term office market by managing your offices, vacancies, and reservations in all-in-one SaaS platform

Put your spaces on the path where demand is. Covid-19 has changed the way we work, communicate, and meet. The rapid shift to widespread remote work is considered the ultimate test of digital transformation in the workplace. A new hybrid work model that is expected to be a new norm in 2021 and the following years brings a lots of new dynamics and a need for digitization of sharing and renting office spaces.

We have digitized sharing and renting of different types of office spaces by the hour, day or month. Our solution covers from short term renting to space sharing hourly, daily, recurrently or monthly. It enables to either use a space and share it among many professionals or companies or lease it short term per month, few months or more. Opti.Space covers the whole spectrum of flexibility enabling you to stay competitive in these challenging times.


  • Booking system
  • Digitized short term renting and/or sharing
  • Secure payment transactions
  • Integrated communication with leads, customers, users
  • Lead conversion and approval workflow
  • Administrative console
  • Integrated customer feedback workflow
  • Your brand’s look and feel (white-label solution)
  • Appropriate for business space owners, landlords, companies with underutilized office spaces, …

Join us and become the workplace of tomorrow

Navigating the new normal can be challenging. Join us and transform your portfolio of office spaces to the workplace of tomorrow.

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Become a host

Earn money with your therapy room and cover not only rent but also make profit. Want to see how this is possible?

How hosting works?

Choose your requirements

Set your own rules like how many people can use the place simultaneously and for how long – per hour or day, set minimal hours in block. Set house rules people must follow when using your space.

Decide when to share you space

Block off dates and hours on your calendar whenever you like. There’s no minimum time that your place needs to be available.

Set your own prices

What you charge is up to you. We advise you to set a competitive pricing since our experience have shown that a little lower prices brings much higher profits since more people start to use your space.

Approve and meet your guest

We know one of the top concerns on your mind is who will use my space. We enable you to approve each guest if you want even each single reservation. We have set up a process in a way that once you get your first reservation inquiry from a new guest you can arrange to meet in person via our messaging feature. Once you meet, guests sees the place and you get to know the guest you can start sharing the space. Typically our guests become your regular customers and share the space more long term.

Enjoy the automation tools

Thinking about administrative work this could bring? Don’t worry we have it covered. We have automated notifications, calendar, cancellations, payments, inquiries, messaging, syncing all data between all users of a space, billing is also managed automatically, either monthly or immediately, therefore customers don’t have to manually prepare billing for every time they use the flexible therapy space.

How to start?

All you have to do is create a profile of your therapy room, write a detailed description, and some general information (how to access it, where to get the key…), upload attractive photographs of your space, and decide on a competitive price. After that, your only duty is to share the available dates and hours. 

Want to know more or have additional questions? Write to us:

Ready to become a host and start earning money?

Just click here and wizard will guide you through the process in few simple steps.

“The Opti.Space platform has enabled us to make optimal use of our space by offering it to other therapists. This way we can cover entire costs we have with the business space and bring us additional income. With the existing reservation system, space can be rented out quickly and easily as users book the desired date themselves when registering in the system.”

Mirjana, therapy room provider